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Overall research on the constituent mineral Zeolite* across multiple industries (medical, agricultural, environmental, etc.) demonstrating the beneficial effects of its use and application.
*Note: Although Vitality Detox Drops contain Zeolite, these studies are not specific to this product.

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How Lead Exposure Relates to Temporal Changes in IQ, Violent Crime, and Unwed Pregnancy

This study compares changes in children’s blood lead levels in the United States with subsequent changes in IQ, based on norm comparisons for the Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT) given to representative national samples of children in 1984 and 1992.

Lead pollution removal from water using a natural zeolite

Lead ions in the heavy metal pollution are on of the important environmental problem in the aqueous system originated from industry. Generally, heavy metal containing wastewaters have low biological oxygen demand and are very high toxic for micro-organisms responsible for biological oxidation of organic matter.

Use of Natural Clinoptilolite for the Removal of Lead (II) from Wastewater

In this research, the ability of natural zeolite clinoptilolite to remove lead from aqueous solutions has been investigated in batch adsorption experiments. Adsorption tests of Pb(II) were carried out using a solid to liquid ratio of 20 g/L and agitation speed of 700 rpm.

Investigation of zinc and lead removal from Aqueous solution using clinoptilolite

Heavy metal containing waste-waters originate mainly from electroplating, metal finishing, metallurgical, chemical manufacturing, mining and battery manufacturing processes in considerable amounts. Heavy metals are well-known toxic elements and their discharge into receiving…

Neurodevelopmental effects of postnatal lead exposure at very low levels

This study is among the first to examine specific neurobehavioral deficits in children exposed at very low lead levels. A systematic analysis for the presence of a threshold of lead exposure was conducted. The sample consisted of 246 African American, inner-city children from whom blood…

Adding a potassium, clinoptilolite zeolite to feedlot rations to reduce manure nitrogen losses

Environmental concerns associated with the confined feeding operations (CAFOS) have been a topic of major importance in Canada and the United States for several years. In 2000, in Ontario Canada a severe E-coli problem resulted in approximately seven deaths and an additional 2300 people became ill.

A clinoptilolite effect on cell media and the consequent effects on tumor cells in vitro

Clinoptilolite is a nontoxic natural zeolite with properties of an ion-exchanger and adsorbent. Earlier studies showed that clinoptilolite could be an adjuvant in cancer therapy. The aim of this study was to define effects of clinoptilolite in cell media on cell viability and activity of key proteins regulating …

Natural zeolite clinoptilolite: new adjuvant in anticancer therapy

Abstract. Natural silicate materials, including zeolite clinoptilolite, have been shown to exhibit diverse biological activities and have been used successfully as a vaccine adjuvant and for the treatment of diarrhea. We report a novel use of finely ground clinoptilolite as a potential adjuvant in anticancer therapy.

Anticancer and Antioxidative Effect of Micronized Zeolite Clinoptilolite

Abstract Background: Treatment of cancer-bearing mice and dogs with micronized zeolite clinoptilolite (MZ) led to improvement of the overall health status, prolongation of life span and decrease of tumor size in some cases. It also reduced lipid peroxidation in the liver of mice.

Uranium adsorption characteristic and thermodynamic behavior of clinoptilolite zeolite

Natural zeolite, clinoptilolite was tested for its ability to remove uranium from aqueous solutions. Influence parameters to the sorption process, such as initial uranium concentration, pH, contact time and temperature were investigated. Distribution coefficients of uranium on clinoptilolite were measured by batch technique.

Mass action relations of some zeolites in the region of high competing cation concentrations

Mass action quotients for the synthetic zeolites Linde 4AXW, 13X, AW-300, AW-400, AW-500, Norton Zeolon and the natural zeolites clinoptilolite and erionite were determined for low cesium or strontium concentrations in the binary systems cesium-sodium, cesium- potassium, cesium-rubidium…

Adsorption and thermodynamic behavior of uranium on natural zeolite

Adsorptive behavior of natural clinoptilolite-rich zeolite from Balikesir deposites in Turkey was assessed for the removal of uranium from aqueous solutions. The uranium uptake and cation exchange capacities of zeolite were determined. The effect of initial uranium concentrations in solution was studied in detail at the optimum conditions determined…

UraniumVI sorption behavior on silicate mineral mixtures

UraniumVI sorption experiments involving quartz and clinoptilolite, important mineral phases at the proposed US nuclear waste repository at Yucca Mountain, NV, were conducted to evaluate the ability of surface complexation models to predict UVI sorption onto mineral mixtures based on parameters derived from single-mineral experiments.

Heavy metal removal with Mexican clinoptilolite

This paper describes the interactions of Pb(II), Cd(II), and Cr(VI) competing for ion-exchange sites in naturally occurring clinoptilolite. Dissolved Pb and Cd were effectively removed within 18 h in batch reactors, with higher removal efficiencies (>95%) in the acidic pH range.

Antiviral properties of clinoptilolite

The aim of this study was to evaluate the antiviral properties of clinoptilolite, a natural non-toxic zeolite. Herein, a fine powder of micronized zeolite (MZ) was obtained by tribomechanical micronization of natural clinoptilolite.

Properties of natural zeolites in benefit of nutrition and health

Due to their remarkable properties, natural zeolites have come to the attention of medicine researchers to find new ways of treating various diseases and ensure an improved supply of minerals in nutrition.

The removal of heavy metal cations by natural zeolites

In this study, the adsorption behavior of natural (clinoptilolite) zeolites with respect to Co2+, Cu2+, Zn2+, and Mn2+ has been studied in order to consider its application to purity metal finishing wastewaters.

Clinoptilolite-heulandite: applications and basic research

Structural peculiarities of clinoptilolite and heulandite are reviewed. Special attention is given to partial Si, Al ordering within the  tetrahedral framework structure.

Removal of Hexavalent Chromium (VI) from Aqueous Solutions using Surface Modified Nanozeolite

Chromium (VI) adsorption behavior and capacity by surface modified nanozeolite A has been investigated. Surface modification was performed and the morphology of modified and unmodified nanozeolite was studied using…

A Review on Epigenetic Effect of Heavy Metal Carcinogens on Human Health

Cancer is a leading cause of morbidity, mortality, and premature death worldwide. Certain strategies for minimizing carcinogenic factors’ exposure can reduce the risk of most cancer types in human.

Uses of natural zeolites in agriculture and industry

For nearly 200 years since their discovery in 1756, geologists considered the zeolite minerals to occur as fairly large crystals in the vugs and cavities of basalts and other traprock formations.

Uptake of radiostrontium from Aqueous solution by biomass and natural Zeolite

AECL’s CHEMIC TM process has effectively treated in excess of 4 million gallons of radiostrontium-contaminated water since 1993.

Effect of Clinoptilolite Zeolite on Cattle Performance and Nitrogen Volatilization Loss

A winter feeding experiment evaluated effects of adding clinoptilolite zeolite clay at 1.2% of the diet on steer performance and nitrogen (N) volatilization loss.

Natural zeolites remove thallium from mining water

Although a relatively obscure metal, thallium is found in many mining waters and, because of its toxic nature, must be removed to low levels. A low cost natural zeolite, clinoptilolite, has been found to effectively remove thallium from water at a closed gold mine. Thallium is a soft metal now used in electronics, pharmaceuticals and glass manufacturing.

The application of natural zeolites for mercury removal

The paper discusses the application of natural zeolites from clinoptilolite group for mercury removal from industrial effluents from copper smelter and refinery. The experiments included studies on sorption mechanisms (adsorption or ion-exchange) and sorption equilibria. The dominating mechanism of sorption with zeolite was found to be ion exchange…

Low-Level Environmental Lead Exposure and Children’s Intellectual Function

Lead is a confirmed neurotoxin, but questions remain about lead-associated intellectual deficits at blood lead levels < 10 μg/dL and whether lower exposures are, for a given change in exposure, associated with greater deficits. The objective of this study was to examine the association of intelligence…

Use of Natural Clinoptilolite for the Removal of Lead from Wastewater

In this research, the ability of natural zeolite clinoptilolite to remove lead from aqueous solutions has been investigated in batch adsorption experiments. Adsorption tests of Pb(II) were carried out using a solid to liquid ratio of 20 g/L and agitation speed of 700 rpm.

Pre- and Postnatal Lead Exposure and Behavior Problem in School-Aged Children

The association between to early lead exposure and later behavior problems was evaluated prospectively in a cohort to 8-year old children born during a 12 month period at one hospital.

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Forget Cookies: Why Diabetics Should Avoid Industrial Waste Dumps this Holiday Season

For diabetics or anyone concerned about diabetes, the holidays can be a nightmare. Sweet confections abound and it may seem rude to turn down those homemade sugar cookies your neighbor dropped off…

Vitality Detox Drops Rid of Toxins While Delivering Beneficial Silica

Dozens of scientific research papers have reported the benefits of specific forms of zeolite on treating everything from toxic waste and nuclear radiation to controlling hemorrhages and healing wounds…

More U.S. States Join the Global Movement to Ban Toxic PFAs in Consumer Products

When it was first invented in 1946, Teflon seemed like a miracle. The non-stick cookware repelled almost all materials, making it easy to clean and maintain. But the convenience…

New Bill Targets Environmental Toxins in Public Schools

On August 5, 2021, three U.S. politicians introduced legislation to remove toxic substances from school buildings across the nation. The Get Toxic Substances Out of Schools Act of 2021 would authorize…

How to Protect Yourself and Boost Immune Function During Wildfire Season

Until recently, wildfires have seemed like a western problem for the United States, like hurricanes in Gulf Stream states and tornadoes in the Midwest…

Recent Lawsuit Highlights Dangers of Toxins in Hair Care Products

Imagine an advertising campaign that goes something like this: “Buy our hair care products and although your scalp will itch for a time, soon you won’t have to worry about that – because you’ll be bald!” 

26-Year-Old British Man Alleviates MS-like Symptoms

For most people, the final months before graduation from a university are a time of anticipation. So it was for Antony Edwards as he prepared to complete an English Literature degree in England in 2017.

How to Correctly Use Our Heavy Metal Urine Test with Vitality Detox Drops

Odds are you’ve heard of ‘the hair test,’ especially if you’re a murder mystery fan. Dame Agatha Christie was especially fond of knocking off various characters through arsenic poisoning, a crime revealed…

The Role of Toxins in Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

The experience of living with fibromyalgia has been compared to living alone on an island. Whatever sense of isolation patients feel is compounded by the fact that some persist in believing the condition exists solely in…

5 Common Jobs with High Levels of Exposure to Toxins

When you think of dangerous jobs, reality TV shows like the Discovery Channel’s Deadliest Catch or Ice Road Truckers might leap to mind. It’s certainly true that commercial fishing and trucking are among the top 25…

How Diet and Lingering Toxins Impact Joint Pain

Some causes and effects are more subtle than others. To illustrate the causal connection between sugar and joint pain, it would be helpful if someone were to take a bite out of a triple-glazed donut and immediately collapse to the ground…

Beyond Sweat: The Link Between Exercise and Detoxification

Ask most people how exercise helps our bodies get rid of environmental toxins and they’ll give you the same answer: sweat. Boosted by the historical use of sweat lodges and Scandinavian saunas…

How to Give Your Liver Some Extra Love During Dry January

Based on the number of t-shirts on the topic available online, 2020 may be the year that ‘day drinking’ became a thing. It’s not surprising. Between the pandemic, the subsequent economic shutdown…

Ways to Reduce Inflammation and Boost Immune Function Without Flu Shots

As fall turns into winter, the message is almost impossible to avoid. Television ads, radio spots and signs at local pharmacies echo the same refrain: get your flu shot…

Holiday Blues, or just Your Brain on Inflammation?

Picture this: It’s dessert time after a sumptuous holiday meal and the family is gathered around the table. Your uncle turns to your grandmother and says, “Mom, can you please pass some of that delicious depression?” 

Acupuncturist and MS Survivor Michael Cawley Shares His Experience and Observations

Acupuncturist and MS Survivor Michael Cawley Shares His Experience and Observations, he was done with zeolite – or so he thought. After testing various forms on himself and observing…

The Hidden Connection Between Toxins, Weight Gain and Flu Season

Of all the reasons to lose weight, avoiding the flu may seem the least relevant. In most surveys of what motivates people to explore diets, it doesn’t make the top five. Instead, those include factors…

Wildfire Smoke’s Impact on Health and What You Can Do About It

As any fan of the Netflix series The Crown can tell you, in 1952 London was beset with a mysterious ‘killer fog.’ A combination of windless conditions, unusually cold weather and airborne pollutants…

Can Soluble Zeolite Help Flint Residents Decrease Impacts of Lead Toxicity

On August 20, 2020, the state of Michigan’s attorney general announced a $600 million agreement that would compensate the residents of Flint for the state’s role in failing to protect them…

The Hidden Dangers of Everyday Beauty Products

We’ve all heard the expression ‘You are what you eat.’ But have you ever considered ‘We are what we absorb’? As the body’s largest organ, our skin absorbs skincare and beauty products into our bloodstream within 26 seconds.

Got Seasonal Allergies? Try Detoxing

As if a global pandemic weren’t enough, now it’s allergy season in the northern hemisphere, a time of watery eyes, running noses and overstimulated immune systems. Although treatments for seasonal allergies…

Got Seasonal Allergies? Try Detoxing

As if a global pandemic weren’t enough, now it’s allergy season in the northern hemisphere, a time of watery eyes, running noses and overstimulated immune systems. Although treatments for seasonal allergies have come a long way and more people are discovering the benefits of locally sourced honey and pollen, for many of us the choice…

Healing a Lifestyle: Client Uses Vitality Detox Drops to Re-imagine Health in Her early-50s

For Tiffany Nevils, no specific incident created the tipping point. Although she loved her wine, she never hit rock bottom with alcohol…

Healing a Lifestyle: Client Uses Vitality Detox Drops to Re-imagine Health in Her early-50s

For Tiffany Nevils, no specific incident created the tipping point. Although she loved her wine, she never hit rock bottom with alcohol; decades of eating food that erred on the side of convenience rather than nutrition had added extra pounds, but not so many that the situation felt irreversible. Nevertheless, she says, “One day I…

4 Key Tips for Using Vitality Detox Drops

If you are one of the many people using Vitality Detox Drops to eliminate toxins and boost your overall health, congratulations! That barely perceptible humming you hear might be the sound of your immune system…

Don’t Fear the Detox: Top 3 Myths About Detoxification

We’ve all heard the horror stories. A friend or relative decided to pursue a detoxifying cleanse, only to find the cure worse than the disease. Headaches, nausea, irritability…

Heavy Metals, Immune Function and Resistance to Viral Infection: 

How Detoxification Strengthens our Ability to Fight Off Diseases Like the Coronavirus. Turn on any news station these days and it’s impossible to avoid hearing about the virus.

Are Environmental Toxins Killing Your Sex Life

In a 2018 Atlantic Magazine cover story, writer Kate Julian posed a question: why are young people having so little sex? According to researchers at the University of Chicago, 23 percent of adults reported not having sex…

Why Zeolite is Your Pets’ Best Friend

Clay Thomas remembers one particular case brought to the clinic run by his veterinarian parents. The 12-year-old cat had a rare form of cancer and had already been treated by four different doctors.

Support Yourself During Dry January with Soluble Zeolite

A new year has just kicked off and odds are, you or someone you know is participating in Dry January. The trend, initiated in Great Britain by a group called Alcohol Concern in 2013

Goodbye Ritalin, Hello Zeolite: Detoxifying ADHD

He remembers being diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) as a child. He also remembers his mother’s reaction to the doctor’s recommendation that he be given Ritalin and Adderall…

If Zeolite Can Clean Up Nuclear Waste, What About Our Bodies?

In the aftermath of the Fukushima nuclear meltdown in 2011, scientists used zeolite to treat tons of radioactive waste. It wasn’t the first time the mineral had been employed…

Fat Chance – The Role of Toxins in Weight Loss Resistance

Of all the clients who have visited Dr. Werner Marksfeld’s eSynergy clinic in Spokane, several stand out in his mind. One was a woman who couldn’t seem to lose weight…

Are You Depressed or Just Toxic?

In 2017 University of Oxford economist Max Rosen released a study on global living conditions. Rosen’s research explored five key factors related to human well-being: poverty, literacy, health, freedom and…

Mitigating Impacts of Contaminated Drinking Water with Soluble Zeolite

 “It’s the water.“ This former catch-phrase for the Olympia Brewing Company once described the purity of the artesian well water used to brew its beer.

Combatting Glyphosate Exposure with Soluble Zeolite

Daytime television watchers in the United States may have noticed a new trend: ads for law firms aimed squarely at potential victims of glyphosate poisoning.

Soluble Zeolite Aids Miraculous Recovery of 86-year-old Cancer Patient

By the time Barbara Richard met the third doctor who would treat her for bone cancer, she had a reputation. As friendly as she undoubtedly was…

Why the Structure of Soluble Zeolite is so Effective at Removing Toxins

When it comes to personal health, people tend to fall into a few distinct categories, especially regarding treatments…

Soluble Zeolite Helps Hormones Get Back on Track

Any adult who remembers puberty already knows the power of hormones. They can alter our moods, dramatically change our skin (usually not for the better) and create…

How Vitality Helped One Smoker of 35 Years Kick the Habit

It’s no secret that cigarettes contain toxins. If nothing else, most people are aware of nicotine and tar. But until he took a course through a local hospital, Ed Van Der Reep had no idea…

Silver Dental Filling Can Ruin Your Health

Do you still have your silver dental fillings? Maybe you removed them. Did the dentist protect himself and you when he removed these filling that contain mercury? Exposure to mercury is very dangerous.

Detox Your Brain to Clear Your Mind

Consider for a moment: what do you think is the world’s number one disability?  You might imagine it would be something physical, like hearing loss or blindness. In fact, among the nearly one billion people worldwide…

Doubling Down on Detox: Full Spectrum Saunas and Vitality Detox Drops

“Now go take a stick and start stirring up the bottom,” says Robbie Besner, Founder and CEO of Therasage Premium Infrared Products. “All of a sudden the water gets murky.

What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You: How Environmental Toxins Affect Health

“The American people – even before they are born – are bombarded continually with myriad combinations of these dangerous exposures.”

Why Fat Won’t Go Away: Ending the Vicious Circle of Weight Gain & Toxicity

If you are like the 45 million people in the U.S. who go on a diet every year, spending an estimated $33 billion on weight loss products, odds are you’ve tried and failed to lose weight.

One Leukemia Survivor’s Remarkable Story

“I could hardly walk on my own,” Davis recalls. “I couldn’t even pick up my little 16-pound poodle. I used to be able to curl 315 pounds without much of an issue, and now I couldn’t even pick up this small dog.”

85% of Tampons Contain Monsanto’s ‘Cancer Causing’ Glyphosate

“Glyphosate, a widely popular herbicide that has been linked to cancer by the World Health Organization’s, was detected in 85 percent of cotton hygiene products.

Zeolite Detoxification

Nature consistently provides a solution to a problem if one does the work to look for it.  When it comes to the removal of environmental toxins and heavy metals a class of volcanic minerals has been proven to eliminate toxins better than any other method.

It’s flu season

We can help! Vitality binds viral particles and moves them safely out of the body. This might be a year old article but nevertheless still very appropriate. With different viruses going around, Vitality might just be what helps you get through the winter.

Environmentally-Caused Disease Crisis?

When Dr. Paul Winchester, a pediatrician, moved to Indiana from Colorado in 2002, he noticed something disturbing—a high number of birth defects. “I was used to the number of birth defects…”

13 Toxic Products Linked to Cancer

“We are all exposed to many different harmful chemicals on a daily basis. This is why I’m going to tell you about five common household items that you need to get rid of to improve your health…”

Weedkiller Found in All Kids’ Cereals Samples

Unfortunately it is very common to find toxins in our food nowadays. This article talks about glyphosate found in cereals that we feed our kids and ourselves daily. Learn more about it, so you can make better choices.

Before You Get Pregnant

When news of the water crisis in Flint, Michigan broke, people around the world – especially parents – were horrified. Over 100,000 people had been exposed to high levels of lead in their drinking water, a particularly dangerous situation for young…

Cause or Symptom

Life is full of choices. We make many of them on a daily basis, some are small and don’t have much impact and others can change the course of our life. How you choose to approach wellness is one of the big choices. Do you choose to follow the allopathic…

Mold in your house can affect your health

We are not always aware of the hidden things that cause discomfort or sickness in the body. Black mold is definitely one of them. We found this interesting article that talks about the symptoms of black mold poisoning.

Vaccination, Mercury & Detoxification

Much discussion and debate surrounds these three words today for good purpose. Mercury, Vaccines and Detoxification strike a chord with millions of people for just as many reasons. This article does not serve…